Here are some “pearls” from a recent Financial Times interview with former Chief Executive of Hermès, Patrick Thomas (“Forget the label – see the person”):

  • First, work for a place where you learn the “longer term view.” It’s difficult to do this when you’re on the quarter-to-quarter grind.
  • Second, “you have to have a vision. If you don’t know where you going, you won’t get there…It’s all very well to copy the others, but you will only ever do as well as the best in your class; if you have your own vision you can be the best.”
  • Third, “Nothing gives better return on investment than investment in your people – not only financially. Yes, train them so they feel competent, but sharing the vision is more important for their happiness. In every company I managed I made sure everyone from the factory workers to the managers understood how they were contributing to the company’s vision and direction. That helps them feel fulfilled.”

Simple advice, yet timeless.

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