PricewaterhouseCoopers has released their midyear review of Private Equity sector deals analysis. Their results track with our own experience in the PE market after the COVID-19 crisis hit; after an initial slowdown in the 2nd quarter as companies held fast and waited for the full ramifications of the crisis to become apparent, deal activity is on the rebound as many attractive acquisition opportunities have arisen amidst the drastic and sweeping changes to the current market. Firms focusing on value creation and strategic investing opportunities will find many M&A targets across multiple sectors as new workplace and consumer habits, as well as an emphasis on innovation and new technology, are opening new channels into the consumer and professional home.

“The pandemic led most private equity firms to turn quickly to address value creation. There are deals to be made, and Private Equity should recover in the months ahead, but firms that pivot quickly now and work with what they have could be the big winners.”- Andrew Cristinzio, US Private Equity Sector Leader.