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Executive Search for Private Equity & Growth Venture Firms

Lancer Group is your go-to boutique for executive search and human capital consultancy, specializing in connecting Private Equity firms and their portfolio companies with top industry leaders. Since 1998, we’ve been the authority in software and tech-enabled services, mapping hundreds of verticals and tracking executive careers across multiple roles.

We know the players, the field, and the opportunities. Beyond executive search, we provide comprehensive value-creation services, including pre-deal insights, executive assessments, and diversity recruitment for PE firms.

Hire tech and SaaS leaders with confidence. The Lancer Group provides comprehensive executive assessments tailored for PE firms and SaaS organizations, ensuring you make informed hiring decisions
Elevate your SaaS portfolio companies with transformational board directors and operational board advisors. The Lancer Group specializes in recruiting top leaders to enhance strategic guidance and improve operational efficiency.
Identify and recruit high-impact CEOs, CFOs, and transformative executive teams for your portfolio assets. The Lancer Group helps investors hire top leadership to drive extraordinary outcomes.
Promote diversity and equity in your organization with Lancer's expert executive recruitment services. We help PE firms and SaaS companies build diverse, inclusive leadership teams for enhanced performance and innovation.

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