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The Lancer Group sponsors Women for Afghan Women (WAW)

calendarApril 22, 2022
The Lancer Group sponsors Women for Afghan Women (WAW)

The Lancer Group has been a proud sponsor of the charity Women for Afghan Women (WAW) since the US withdrawal in 2021. 

Women for Afghan Women (WAW) is a grassroots organization dedicated to protecting and promoting the rights of disenfranchised Afghan women and girls. It has worked tirelessly since its founding in 2001 to provide life changing, community-based programs to thousands of Afghan women, children and families throughout Afghanistan and the United States.

With recent news that the Taliban have banned women in Afghanistan from flying without a male chaperone, supporting organizations like WAW is more important now than ever. 

Says Scott Dunklee, Partner of The Lancer Group:

“I’m delighted that The Lancer Group is a donor to such a great cause as WAW since the worst of the US withdrawal drama in 2021. With things getting progressively worse – not better – in the many months since, our help will be clearly needed more in the future. This is support that myself and the Lancer team are committed to give.”

About Women for Afghan Women

Thousands of Afghan refugees and evacuees need help to settle into their new lives in the US. For over 20 years, Women for Afghan Women (WAW) has been a lifeline for women and families in Afghanistan and the United States. They have made over 1.6 million lives better through their programs.

Their mission began as both a response to a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and as a way to empower and support Afghan refugees in the United States (US). Two decades later, they are yet again facing another major humanitarian crisis. In the past six months alone, they have witnessed a 300% increase in requests for their services and programs in the US after the NATO troop withdrawal and the fall of the Afghan government in 2021.


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